Is Linux the best alternative to Windows? Thinking of switching?

As some of you don’t know, I am into technology (one of the main discussions of my blog) and I use many different systems as an IT professional. From the very popular Mac OS X to Windows 7 as well as Linux OSes such as Ubuntu to OpenSUSE (Linux OS of choice). It is nice to have alternatives to Windows considering the features you look for. I have a Mac Mini that runs Mac OS X Lion and a netbook (Asus Aspire One) that runs Linux Mint. It took me a while to get a Linux operating system to run on my netbook. If you consider Linux as an alternative, I have to warn you that the biggest issue I would run into is getting the OS to function properly after installation. That is because Linux isn’t set up right away to run on the hardware correctly. In order to accomplish this, I would have to do a lot of google searching on why something with the OS isn’t working. Even though I am into IT, I don’t know everything that goes on in IT. One of the troubles I occur after installation is that I can’t adjust the brightness level of my netbook. I found on google search that  I had to edit a “default” file located in /etc/default/grub and add a line in it using Vi (a common text editor for Linux). You are probably asking “What the heck is /etc/default/grub?” as well as asking “Why is there no C directory of some sort?” That is because Linux uses a different file structure unlike a Windows environment. I would get into that, but it is very lengthy and I will save for a different time. The point is if you don’t mind taking the time to learn your new operating system, then that is fine and dandy. Back to the issues with installation, even though I was able to figure out the problem, that doesn’t solve all the problems of having my netbook run normally on my netbook. I still have trouble using wifi on certain networks like my university network. If you want to test to see if Linux runs on your computer, I encourage you to create a LiveCD or a LiveUSB ( Has anyone tried using Linux on their hardware and did anyone experience the same difficulty of running it properly after installation?


2 thoughts on “Is Linux the best alternative to Windows? Thinking of switching?

  1. Linux is always the way to go. Yes you may have speed bumps, but rarely will you hit one that someone more knowledgeable than you has already hit and solved. The Linux community is so great and will always be there to help you solve your problems. When you just can’t say the same about MS or Apple because they’re created by companies, Linux was created by the community and it will forever be that way. Good post.

    • Linux is open source which is why it feels like it was created by the community. A corporation can still take part of developing and sell a Linux distribution like Red Hat or Novell’s SUSE, but they will still give you a playing field for customizing the OS since the fee goes toward support-related goals like updates. Also, thank you for the kind response. 🙂

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