Just like Adam Sandler said in a movie once…..

“Back to School. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight. Oh! Back to school… back to school… back to school.”

Well I got back to school this past week from Spring Break and even though I had a fun time with my parents doing things, it turned out when I got back, things just went out of control. Tried to work on assignment two days before due date after break and I got stuck on it to a point where I had to turn it in late. Would’ve asked questions over break. Also, labs for a particular class went fast pace to where as I was rushing, I forgot to do things along the way. Fortunately, things went back to normal and it wasn’t a problem. However, I have one problem that always struck me. Getting friends that I can go to on campus. As someone with autism, getting along with people on campus is pretty difficult. When I try to converse with people, I was always afraid of what people would say about me. That is because I am afraid that my autism would make me say something stupid. I don’t expect or want to make a lot of friends and that is fine with me. Its just that the school I go to is in a location where it is far away from a few friends I had back in my hometown and mainly, I have no family that I can go to close by. Just remember when you make fun of somebody for what they do and call them (or the activity) autistic, you are using it to insult someone and as in individual with autism, I find it offensive that “autistic” is being used as a cussword. Yes, we do have freedom of speech here in the U.S. I can’t stop you from saying it. All I am trying to say is if you know you are a kind, decent human-being, don’t call something or someone autistic as an insult or incorrectly characterize someone’s behavior to be Asperger’s Syndrome. I noticed that it has becoming quite common for people to be doing it. Like this dude for example. He was using a stereotype that people who don’t act normal according to his view are people with Asperger’s Syndrome. He even said in quote that people with Aspergers “act like children” which I would have to completely disagree with. It is actually the quite opposite (most of the time). If you even look at WebMd, it states that “Children with Asperger’s syndrome generally have difficulty interacting with others and often are awkward in social situations. They generally do not make friends easily. They have difficulty initiating and maintaining conversation.” Are children supposed to be anti-social and do all children enjoy being isolated in the bedroom? Absolutely not! Not to mention on the information given by WebMD, children with Asperger’s Syndrome don’t intentionally become anti-social and isolate themselves in a bedroom. They do the things they do because they have difficulty communicating unlike someone without the disorder. Do me a favor, do your research on the disorder before making such an ignorant video. For anyone reading this, please be more knowledgeable on autism and\or the autistic spectrum before calling something autistic. How would you feel if you have ADHD and I make fun of you for being an attention whore, based on the stereotype that you are hyper? You wouldn’t like that either.

Sorry that I had to edit this article so many bleeping times. It is because this is a touchy subject and I can’t think straight since it is almost midnight. No more edit. lol


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